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Aris A by Shennel Trading Company
All Garments are 100% Silk.
Many have Burn Out Velvet Designs with beading and fringe.
Shennel offers the Finest Silk in Fashion
The Silks are from China but the Garment are made in Canada.
Most are marked Silk, Rayon, Etc. Combination because the labels are for the two piece dresses. They use the same labels. But everything I offer is 100% Silk No Matter What the Label Says.
Most are decorated with beading and Fringe.
I have proudly offered Aris A for over 15 years.
I also offer their Velvet and their Wool.
They bring us an Upscale, Contemporary look for day or evening wear.
You Will NOT meet yourself on the street in Aris.A

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