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Judi Gaston, Weaver, Fiber Artist

Creates Wearable Art.

Judi recalls growing up …Her mom would buy her paper dolls, But she would design the clothes for the paper dolls herself.

She Carries on that thread of childhood, still to this day. She is a fiber artist living in Tennessee, designing and weaving clothes which reflect her artistic concepts.

Judi’s designs are available in various gallery and museum shops and higher end Boutiques like the Gazebo Boutique.
She is a member of the Tennessee Crafts Association, The Southern Highlands Guild, and the Piedmont Crafts Guild and has received many awards for her work.

In 2011 she was inducted into the Tennessee State Museum Fashion and Textile Institute in Nashville Tn.

Through her love of travel, her designs exhibit the concepts of a patchwork of influences from various cultures and a lot of …..dreaming a dream of cast offs …..reinvented…. for the present. She loves making wearables that have lived previous lives and often incorporates vintage and other found pieces in her work. As she feels that life is somewhat chaotic, she likes to interject a lot of the odd or confusing, finding this more interesting than perfection.

We Agree…….except …..
that …we think…. Her Designs are….Perfection.

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